Six Times Nothing

Our purpose

We are passionate about the art of storytelling. Inspired by the games of our childhoods, and the myriad tools and technologies now available to game creators, we seek to share a vision of the worlds that live inside our heads by creating ambitious indie games.

Our projects


Adventure RTS  •  Coming first to iOS and Android

A bowl of rotting fruit on a kitchen bench reimagined as an epic fantasy world where an alliance of unblemished fruit battles for survival. The lands are beset by an evil rot, a spreading darkness that threatens to devour everything. In fact, rotten fruit has been springing into ghastly un-life as terrifying zombies!

All the fantasy tropes you might expect are in there – though of course with a fruity twist and pun-tastic names. There are gruff, hairy coconuts that dwell in high mountain fortresses. Tall, elegant bananas in gleaming armour from the mystical northern isles. And not least of all, the soft-skinned peaches of the warmer southern climes. They might be soft and easily bruised on the outside, but their brave knights are known to have hearts of solid stone.

Currently in development  •  Seeking a publishing partner

Dawn of the Tyrant

Socially connected RPG  •  For PC and Mac

A chapter-based, dark fantasy RPG that places the fate of an entire planet and the course of the unfolding storyline firmly into the hands of the player community. When players and their factions participate in World Quests they are writing the future.

The story of each chapter in the series is curated based on the outcome of these massive shared objectives. Players will battle against dread foes and vicious warbands, discovering lost technologies and encountering slumbering titans of unimaginable power as they strive to shape the storyline of this epic setting.

Alpha  •  Seeking full production funding

Who we are

Sándor Moldán

Project lead & team management  •  Concept & story development  •  Unity 3D programming & tools development  •  3D modelling & animation

Creative, visual designer, 3D artist, coder polymath. Sándor is a former agency Executive Creative Director with a comprehensive body of work spanning across digital to cinema, from consumer campaigns to online games and from mobile app development to strategic business transformation initiatives.

He has a lifelong passion for making games out of anything, ranging from plasticine and paper cutouts to code and polygons. Back when advergames were a thing (...oh gosh) he brought a Film Noir-esque thriller to Smirnoff, claymation zombie battles to Mountain Dew, general inappropriateness to Lynx Fragrances and made almost one billion people throw virtual paper aeroplanes for Microsoft. He also created the world’s first 3D game played by an entire movie theatre audience – all across the USA.

He has also taught game design theory at Miami Ad School.

Anj Avraam

Concept & story development  •  Unity 3D level design & layout  •  Script writing  •  Concept art

With a passion for writing immersive stories that take place in intricately-detailed fantasy settings, Anj has devised the plot and world-building aspects of a number of games, including dialogue, lore, character bios - not to mention one or two unique languages.

He's worked on games for the Wii-U, PC, Mac, Android, plus some boardgames and tabletop wargames. One of the RPGs he created the world and plot for attracted a BAFTA Games Award nomination. Independent game development is now his main occupation.

Just to have something sensible to fall back on, Anj is also a part-time actor and voice actor who has played a palace guard in Aladdin (2019) and a British soldier in 1917 (2019). One of his recent voice acting roles was playing King John in an interactive installation at Lincoln Castle.

Joshua Wise

Music composition  •  FMOD programming (dynamic music system)  •  Sound FX production

Joshua Wise writes tonally charged music that draws from his diverse influences, which span many styles and genres. His primary interest is combining aleatory or “chance” in music with scoring for media, which naturally leads him to composing music for games. Commercially, Wise has collaborated with The American Museum of Natural History in New York, The Discovery Channel, PBS, Boom Ideanet, Oscar Mayer, Outpost Worldwide, and Planters.

As a passionate gamer, Wise develops his scores to both enhance the game’s story and to improve game play, drawing players in and engaging them in a new world. With a background in both commercial projects and film, Wise has developed a strong sense of emotion and timing, allowing him to not only carry an audience through a narrative, but also players through an immersive experience.

Talk with us

Want to talk to us about Stonehearted, Dawn of the Tyrant, another venture ...or just chat games? (Which we are happy to do for hours!) Well, we'd love to hear from you! Get in touch with us by email or connect with us on Twitter.

We’re based in Australia and the UK.

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